Tennis Warcraft at Down Under...Nadal Triumphant

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - - 0 Comments

It would be triumphant if Roger Federer of Switzerland win the recent Australian Open, he will be alongside Pete Sampras, a famous tennis legend to win 14 Grand Slam titles in career history - a feat he had been hoping to achieve in his 39th major championship. Rafael Nadal however denied Federer’s dream , threw out Federer in the last Sunday Australian Open final in an epic 5 set game, 7-5, 3-6, 7-6(3), 3-6, 6-2. This is the third straight time for Nadal to defeat the Swiss since the 2008 Roland Garros final and the Wimbledon, also in the final. Due to Nadal’s victory, he becomes the 14th man in the Open Era to win three or more of the four Grand Slam titles and just the fourth man in history to win Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces.

Federer’s defeat maybe due to double faults, backhand and unforced errors during the fifth set. Stats from the ATP World Tour said that Federer only made 52 per cent of first serves and served six double faults. His emotions of disguise due to errors committed also affect his performance and opened Nadal’s chance to take over the game. At last, after the 4 hours and 22 minutes battle, Nadal deserved his victory.

Federer could not stand up his emotion during the presentation ceremony. He end up in tears when the champion’s trophy was received by Nadal. It is an unacceptable moment for a player who conquered a championship for a long time have to surrender the crown to others, especially in Federer’s situation – to lose very close in the final set where he have a big chance to win. But sooner Federer would be learning from his mistakes, and eyeing again his big dream – 14 Grand Slam titles.

But what makes the match more interesting is their rivalry. They have been meeting each other in most final matches in Grand Slam events. Matches between them produced an epic continuous battle. They have been a 'trademark' in tennis sports - without them, there's no fight in tennis.

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