Authentic August...

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Its been a long time I stuffed my blogsite with stories about other people, not myself..
.....and Wow!!

The end of the 1st chapter of my busy life for the past quarter of the semester and I still do not believe that everything goes on so fast!!! many things happen in UMS for the last 2 months of July and August
Welcoming Gathering….DONE


Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Speech Session….POSTPONED

Early this month UMS was the host for FFM 09 (Festival Filem Malaysia 2009), and most artistes around the country came to KK...hum, nothing to freak about, but Cyril, sixtus and I managed to get ourselves to the FFM finale night...

And the most memorable times I found during the last mid-term holidays….so, so and so exciting so-called vacation….hahaha. The most craziest thing was that we don’t bother about mid-term exams and due assignments to submit when the holidays end, my friends and I went to a lot of places in KK for almost every single day!!

Trip Crews : Boy, Caren, Pres, Sixtus, Sheerah, Elvi, Anas, Alisa, and for sure, me!!

Trip venues : 1 Borneo….KK Box Karamunsing…..Tg. Aru beach…..818…..Centre Point…..Monsopiad Culture Village

Who cares anyway?? As long as we can get rid of ‘study-tension’ for a while, at least we went to places that we have not been….Cuti2 Malaysia katakan….hehehehe

At first, we went to..........Monsopiad Culture Village!! Huh, rain coming during our trip, can be a very gloomy day at that time….never mind, very fun somehow….

pose with the dancers

butod (sago palm worm)...anyone???
Tg. Aru beach….after the Monsopiad trip, enjoying the beautiful sunset there….

1 Borneo….hah, boring sudah pigi sini, tapi mau juga pigi slalu hahaha...tempat jumpa c Sheerah soping beg d Parkson

makan di 'Hong Kong'??

dui, c Caren sempat lagi telefon...

KK Box……sudah jadi hobi….our own favourite RSS (Rancangan Suka Suka)….tempat menunjukkan bakat2 terpendam yg sudah lama dipendam…

Centre Point…..kalau sudah teda tempat len mo pigi, di sini la, CP…..paling2 pigi tengok wayang d GrowBall Cineplex hehehe

818……dua2 tempat kami pigi, Nosoob dan di TV1......heh!! Bukan la, di Kingfisher. Tired of jalan2, the best solution to get your stomach pampered with food…hehehe....huh, how much i missed the cooling Lo Han Guo (T_T)......n the unforgetable fish soup (urm....)

Haiya, really miss the holidays so much, where a lot of memorable things happened during the precious times….

The SABAH???

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All this started during the 9 am English Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral Kota Kinabalu Sabah. I come by the bus provided by Lifefire Ministry from UMS as usual as an ordinary Sunday where I saw a lot of people are coming to worship God. Only the unusual thing I noticed first is that there is no holy water and shaking of hands due to H1N1 influenza, just some precautions anyway so nothing weird. Then, it was drizzling and I was so worried how to go back to my campus without umbrella or raincoat. Everything was going on fine until I noticed some camera flashes or somekind of paparazzi thing outside the cathedral. And……these what I saw on that day….

I really dun have any idea why they (Blair & Cherie) came all along from Britain to Sabah…maybe vacation kot…hehehehe

Anyway, a very rare opportunity to view this scene anywhere….maybe once in a lifetime

KOTA KINABALU 3 Ogos - Bekas Perdana Menteri Britain, Tony Blair dan isteri, Cherie hadir dalam satu majlis keagamaan di Gereja Sacred Heart di sini pada pukul 9 pagi semalam.

Kehadiran pasangan tersebut bagaimanapun tidak disedari orang ramai yang menyangka mereka adalah pelancong asing biasa yang berkunjung ke gereja itu.

Utusan Malaysia difahamkan, Blair berada di negeri ini untuk bercuti selama 10 hari dan tiba seminggu lalu.

Pasangan itu akan melawat beberapa pulau di pantai timur negeri berkenaan.

Salah seorang pengunjung gereja itu yang menyedari kehadiran Blair ialah Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Liew Vui Keong yang duduk di hadapan pasangan itu.

"Mulanya saya nampak seorang wanita mat saleh di belakang sebelah kiri dan rasa seperti mengenalinya tetapi tidak dapat ingat siapakah wanita tersebut.

"Isteri saya, Datin Dr. Lindai selepas itu dapat mengecam Tony yang berpakaian kasual tetapi masih sangsi adakah benar-benar Tony Blair atau orang lain," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, selepas Blair keluar dari gereja, baru beliau dapat memastikan bahawa lelaki itu benar-benar bekas Perdana Menteri Britain.

"Selepas menyedarinya, para pengunjung mula mengambil gambar dengannya dan keadaan menjadi riuh seketika, ramai yang tidak menyedarinya kerana beliau berpakaian biasa," katanya.

Source : Utusan Malaysia