In Just One Click...

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Until now I don't know how much I give my time for my

Back since November 2009, I unintentionally holding a DSLR camera of a friend of mine during an event and started with a few clicks of photos. I found out that the outcome not just a picture, or an ordinary image. It somehow explains everything what I see through my very own eyes, recorded on a plane of thousands of pixels.

YES!! I get addicted taking photos since the moment then!! Hahaha...I did not hesitate myself taking pictures anytime and anywhere. As long as I have camera (cellphones, compact SLR, DSLR, etc.) I would not hold them for exhibition, I'd love to take at least one shot of moments before my eyes.

Even my passion climaxed when I created a page of my photography in Facebook.

But one thing I know why I can't stop taking photos...I want people to see that there are the goodness of life around them, JUST around them that they might overlooked. Some people don't realize this, but through the pictures, it is hoped that they may open the eyes of those who have not opened yet...Erm, I speak too 'flowery' but I hope that you could understand. Heh, it's like I have my own recipe of taking photos...

How about yours? What is your passion and how do you cherish it?

A Night at 2011 Sabah Fest

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I’m back!!! From a long time vanish from blogging...I have been gone through the semester with a lot of memorable moments, happy, sad, entertaining and also boring. However, anything happens I’m glad that all have passed.. I have been to the Sabah Fest 2011 recently, and it was the first time I been to the event. Well, what is it all about then?This year, Sabah Fest took the theme from a folk tale “Pa’pakang : The Odyssey of Seven Brothers”, a tale that depicts seven brothers found themselves a magical stone, the Pa’pakang while bathing at the Liwagu River nearby their village. They were fighting and arguing to possess the stone for himself. Then the father intervened, so he decided to throw the stone and it divided into seven pieces, one each for the brothers. Their father said that each piece is a legacy and told them to keep it safely, to prove their identity as siblings and as a reminder of their place of origin, Nunuk Ragang.As Nunuk Ragang faced famine, plague and increasing population, all of the brothers fled except the youngest, named Aki Lintobon become the headman of Nunuk Ragang after his father died.One night, Aki Lintobon dreamt of the calamities that befallen on his village, and separation of his brothers. When he woke up in the morning, he felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and burning desire to find his brothers. So he told the villagers about this and decided to find his brothers, brought along his piece of the Pa’pakang stone.One by one, he found his brothers, according to the chronology, Aki Tomui of Pitas (Orang Sungei), Aki Runsud of Kudat (Dusun Rungus), Aki Datoo’ Garudin of Kota Belud (Dusun Tindal), Aki Tinggoron of Lahad Datu (Dusun Subpan), Aki Longguwai of Penampang (Kadazan) and lastly Aki Turumpok of Keningau (Murut), but Aki Turumpok somehow vanished into the supernatural world so the Murut headman named Ampal united all of them with the Pa’pakang stone on behalf of Aki Turumpok.It was a very colourful and cultural extravaganza that almost 2000 people packed the Sutera Magellan Resort ballroom that night, which was graced by His Excellency The Tuan Yang Terutama Yang Di Pertua Negeri Sabah. The story of Pa’pakang was told in a very special way, where the odyssey of the brothers reveals almost all cultures of Sabah.Well, it’s worth of having a pass to the event anyway. . .