Merry Christmas!!!

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Merry Christmas to all of you and have a blessed and joyous New Year 2010!!!

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

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Beautiful song by Corrinne May, that brought me into a deepful thought.

BMK-10 Rawks!!

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"Through the Good News, of which I was made a servant, according to the gift of that grace of God"
(Ephesians 3:7)

I still don't get it, wonderful things often last so quickly that we have a limited time to cherish it. Anyway, thank God that I am able to go through that unforgetable experiences. BMK-10 (10th Belia Masuk Kampung) in Kpg. Linsuk Tenghilan, Sabah is the event I have been for almost a week, 23rd - 28th November 2009. It is organised by the UMS Catholic Student Group and participated by almost 70 students. Since pictures can speak out more than verbal explanation (what I think of), I will share with you here, some pictures about the event.

One of the ice breaking sessions at CSG Centre...

Taize prayer....

'Orange Rangers' before departing to the village...

Ice breaking session with the youths of Kg. Linsuk...

This is my foster family's home, 2 families reside in a single house....just tranquil as it is hehehe.....

The first thing to do when we get there is to plant paddy.....

It is just so beautiful to view this scenery after a day work at the paddy fields...

Kg. Linsuk is just at the foot of Mt Kinabalu...

This is the 'gate' of our home...

Activities with the children....

Magunatip...for exercise..hehehe

Tamu in Pekan Tenghilan is on Thursdays...and I 1st quite thrilled to hear that

Eating mee sup at a stall in Pekan Tenghilan

On the way to the river....part of Kg. Linsuk is the palm oil estate

Though it is not a waterfall, there are 2 swimming spots along the river...

Hehe...managed to enjoy myself in the river...but most of the time I took some photographs, so most of the photos don't have myself inside ..."sobs".

My foster family...and I miss them so much...
Hey, this story never ends on this blog or on a newsreel. It will continue, and get more interesting each day. BMK-10 maybe ended, but the spirit and friendship established through this event will not cease.

When life looks like hopeless...

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Let say you lived in a place where total poverty overwhelmed you and your family. You lived in a small wooden squatter with a lot of family members, your home is not properly furnished, everything around you is not clean and your life's not getting better. Furthermore, your mother is sick, and your uncle is always scolding you for being a burden in the family. In order to get your stomach filled with food, you have to work in a very dirty and dangerous places. The place you lived is in full risk of getting HIV as prostitution is high in your area, and you might be the victim of prostitution.
Some of your family members have been already been infected by the fatal disease, and you are in fear of having one. Then, you went to a clinic to get the HIV test. The feeling of fear, hoping that you'll never get the nightmare get into your head. Then, you went to the clinic are HIV-NEGATIVE.

That was a true story of one of fortunate child of India, Jothi. She was free of HIV, more fortunate than other more than millions of HIV-positive. Now, her life shone with hope when people realized that this child need other support, monetary and care.

This is what I have experienced through the One Life : Do Something exhibition at 1 Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu yesterday. A meaningful walkthrough of peoples' lives in risk of HIV.

I Started A Joke

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I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
But I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
And I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I'd said.

Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

(Bee Gees)

A minute of words....

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Exam week starts, tense and passion of revision getting stronger. Huh, I thought this will pass as time goes by.

Em, I did not plan to write anything though, nothing but to voice out my soul for the past few days here in my blogsite. Its all about the feel of tense, tense and more tense!!

Hahaha besa la tu, masa masa dekat exam baru start rasa macam tu…

Anyway, that’s it…gonna continue back my studies now….chiow~~

I Hate This Feeling...

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I don’t know how to handle this kind of crap anymore….things will get more complicated and so tense by the time you are about to solve it. Last minute assignments and presentation, classes during study week, I REALLY HATE THEM!! Bodoh!! Why, why and why only this moments, at the edge of time then everyone busy asking for tasks?? Why not earlier then?? We have been given a lot of wasted time already to complete these tasks. If only these assignments can help to study better than its ok, but even you don’t have any idea of what are you doing in this assignment, then I think it’s just a waste of time!! (Kinda relieved a little….). Ba, yalah….salah saya juga tu, tia study betul2, skrg blur2….dah la, study2….good luck everyone for your finals…..ciao~

Stroll down memory lane....

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Heh….mathematics and programming notes in front of me right now, and no more classes….YEAH!! Exams??? Coming next week!! Huahuhua….this will ALWAYS happen when it is study leave week, feeling nervous mixed with a little of extreme freedom, whatever…….tired of strangling my hair and studying (kunun lah…), moments ago I reminisced the years I passed throughout my process of being as an ‘adult’…

By, the way, hope all of you can stand with my sharing in lousy and broken English hehe….

When I flashed back, I really missed the times when I was in Labuan almost 3 years ago. Labuan has been in my memories all the time, whether there were happy times, difficult times, and boring times…hehehe…

I landed on the island of Labuan (which previously I think it was a BIG island) on 12th of May 2006, full of hope and spirit to study at the ‘mighty’ Labuan Matriculation College….One thing I noticed in Labuan was that the town is smaller than I imagined…hey, a federal territory should be more developed than other cities then….Well, that’s the town….but where is the college?? I am worried that the college is too far from town….hahaha, crazy thinking. On the following day we drove towards the college (both of us don’t know the direction, anyway we managed to arrive, without getting lost..). Second thing I noticed, first hill I saw in Labuan! Just behind the college. Well, a nice college with a lot of buildings and the most admirable is the MP (Menara Pentadbiran, where directors and lecturers offices are) and the sports complex.

These were my roommates during my life in KML for the 1st year; Ian, Chua and EJ. Haha, we get together very well then, we missed to ‘torment’ Chua in a reasonable and acceptable way. For more information please consult the Chua & Co. at 01x-xxxxxxx. LOL!!

My life in KML starts with the Minggu Suai Kenal (whatever, previously I really hated this part, its tiring!!). The first person I get to know that time was Brian Asem, I was not very talkative at that time (and timid too) so he will always start conversations with everyone in the group. Brian, you always tell our mentor that you get very hungry often, so we don’t have to get into long haul LDK’s…well thanks for that, so all of us can leave sessions earlier than others hehehe….KML Perkasa; the college’s song (big LOL!!)….I remembered the college’s song KML Perkasa was being rumoured as a copy from the song YMCA by Village People…and when the song intro was being played, everyone(students only) start to do the ‘cucuk bintang’ (in other word, disco style dancing). It continues until the end of our term in KML!!

The first time in my life I skipped Christmas with my family. I was at the same time a deep joy and sadness felt in my heart; I able to celebrate Christmas with my friends, and I was the only member of the family that did not come back home for Christmas. By the way, I was able to get along with the changes of schedule I made, so it was not a bad Christmas at all.

The days passed and I get to know a lot of friends, being a timid person into a quite easy to get along person.

Jay X; well, get to know you during the LMC RC leader nomination in Dewan Mutiara, on tennis court when I get to know that you are good in that sport, and during weekly gatherings. Ba, bila kita boleh friendly match tennis lagi ne bro?? Ekekeke…….

JG; hahahaha do you think three of us (with Cliff) were successful to after the Christmas star (Dony) during the Christmas play?? We Three Kings, in robes specially cut and tailored by Liz and the gang, benang2 kain pun keluar2 lagi …..Anyway, we have been given a few seconds of fame through a trio singing of ‘We Three Kings’ during the play, and luckily no heavy rain that night and no flying rotten eggs and vegetables towards us ekekekeke…..

Cliff; What about a fishcake steamboat in your room after this?? Hehehe…get bored with the Kamiru(gi) CafĂ© food, kita rukut2 beli fishcake di LS besok OK, goreng ramai2 di bilik (using a steel frying pan and the faithful ‘banned’ electric stove which was burning once in Cliff’s room!!).

Pres; by that time I just get to recall you back when you said that we were in the same class during form 1 at Kolej Abdillah. Hehe sorry for being so lame and ‘lembab’ as my memories back in Kolej was too short. Well, I guess the exchanging of HP’s amongst us was not quite bad right? Though I ruined a little of our ‘business’ that time, sorry for that anyway…

Emmanuel; Peace be with you!! Birthday boy on Christmas day!! I hope that don’t get along with your words too much, or else we’ll see you getting ‘merapu tanpa had’.

Brian Richard; Emm, tahniah la ba!!

Anderson; well I guess your fame through the ‘Expressions’ with Mack was not bad at all, everyone ‘liked’ it…hehe miss to massage your belly (LOL!)

I thought my life in KML will end by a year, but it repeated for another year, so I ended my term in 2008….heh, my mistakes also la kan, so never mind then….new term, new environment, and new friends. I guess my second year in KML was better than the previous year (in term of studies) and my social life too. Some of my friend in previous year also joined the ‘PST2’ group, so craziness from the previous year also brought back to life in the following year hehehe…..By the year 2007 onwards I have been a frequent visitor of Labuan beaches (as last time I felt I don’t have time to do that), and it seems to be a weekly routine as every Sundays after church I went to Panchur Hitam(my favourite spot) to get myself relaxed. The same year also make me to discover my choral talent where I joined the KML Koir. At first we don’t expect that all of us can pass the State level Competition. But this happened, we managed to champ the State level, then 2nd runner up in the Nationals. As usual, I get to know more friends through all of these moments in KML.

Gimbadi : Bruno, Jayronna, Ley, Adrian, Chenda, Sanchez, Tommey, Anderson, Caren, Elvi, Marrysia, and I; thank you for these happened in our lives, that we learnt a lot of things as a family.

Segala Pek2: Anderson, Anie, Vann, Tim and I; bila maok beli teh madras agik?? Ekekekeke…..

My roommates : Johan, Juntie, Rith; Kawang!! Jangan kaci masuk c hantu susu (Nick) dalam bilik, habis stok makanan kita nanti hehehee…..

Huh, I got a lot of my friends, but to list the all with the attributes (eseh, masuk pula term programming sini) needs a 3 pages blogpost huhuhu…..anyway, all of you will always be in my mind…..

Ok la I got to go now, study lagi…..ciao!~~

Anyway, all the best to everyone for the final exams, and any exams you are going to face……

BTW, what is the definition of DETERMINATION??

Authentic August...

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Its been a long time I stuffed my blogsite with stories about other people, not myself..
.....and Wow!!

The end of the 1st chapter of my busy life for the past quarter of the semester and I still do not believe that everything goes on so fast!!! many things happen in UMS for the last 2 months of July and August
Welcoming Gathering….DONE


Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Speech Session….POSTPONED

Early this month UMS was the host for FFM 09 (Festival Filem Malaysia 2009), and most artistes around the country came to KK...hum, nothing to freak about, but Cyril, sixtus and I managed to get ourselves to the FFM finale night...

And the most memorable times I found during the last mid-term holidays….so, so and so exciting so-called vacation….hahaha. The most craziest thing was that we don’t bother about mid-term exams and due assignments to submit when the holidays end, my friends and I went to a lot of places in KK for almost every single day!!

Trip Crews : Boy, Caren, Pres, Sixtus, Sheerah, Elvi, Anas, Alisa, and for sure, me!!

Trip venues : 1 Borneo….KK Box Karamunsing…..Tg. Aru beach…..818…..Centre Point…..Monsopiad Culture Village

Who cares anyway?? As long as we can get rid of ‘study-tension’ for a while, at least we went to places that we have not been….Cuti2 Malaysia katakan….hehehehe

At first, we went to..........Monsopiad Culture Village!! Huh, rain coming during our trip, can be a very gloomy day at that time….never mind, very fun somehow….

pose with the dancers

butod (sago palm worm)...anyone???
Tg. Aru beach….after the Monsopiad trip, enjoying the beautiful sunset there….

1 Borneo….hah, boring sudah pigi sini, tapi mau juga pigi slalu hahaha...tempat jumpa c Sheerah soping beg d Parkson

makan di 'Hong Kong'??

dui, c Caren sempat lagi telefon...

KK Box……sudah jadi hobi….our own favourite RSS (Rancangan Suka Suka)….tempat menunjukkan bakat2 terpendam yg sudah lama dipendam…

Centre Point…..kalau sudah teda tempat len mo pigi, di sini la, CP…..paling2 pigi tengok wayang d GrowBall Cineplex hehehe

818……dua2 tempat kami pigi, Nosoob dan di TV1......heh!! Bukan la, di Kingfisher. Tired of jalan2, the best solution to get your stomach pampered with food…hehehe....huh, how much i missed the cooling Lo Han Guo (T_T)......n the unforgetable fish soup (urm....)

Haiya, really miss the holidays so much, where a lot of memorable things happened during the precious times….