Malaysian Open ATP 250 Players Revealed

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Red Bulls vs. Orange Lions??

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Defeat of Germany this early morning mark the end of World Cup 2010 semifinals, and opened a new gate of championship to two European teams remaining in final two, Spain and Netherlands. In today's early morning match, Spain ended up Germany's run to the finals through a 74th-minute header by Puyol, 1-0, made themselves into finals. The EURO 2008 champion has neither been into the finals since 1950 nor winning the World Cup itself.

In 4 December 2009 world Cup 2010 draw, Spain placed in Group H. Spain lost its first group stage match against Switzerland, 0–1. In their second match they defeated Honduras by 2 goals from David Villa. On 25th June they played against Chile, they won 2–1. They advanced to the knockout stage to defeat Portugal 1–0, reaching the Quarter Finals, in which they defeated Paraguay 1-0, scoring off of a goal by David Villa who put the ball in the back of the net after Pedro struck the ball off the post, reaching the Semi-Finals.

Meanwhile, their to-be opponent, Netherlands, beat Uruguay 3-2 in the semifinals where the goals were by Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Wesley Sneijder & Arjen Robben. The Dutch team went on to secure a 100 percent record in their World Cup 2010 qualification campaign, winning all eight games and becoming the first European team to qualify for the World Cup.

Alongside Denmark, Cameroon and Japan, the Dutch was placed in Group E. On June 14 the Dutch won 2–0 against Denmark in their opener at the World Cup. On June 19th they then beat Japan 1–0 with a goal from Wesley Sneijder. They were the first team to qualify for the Round of 16 after a 2–1 victory from Denmark over Cameroon. In the first knockout round they faced Slovakia. At the end it was 2–1 victory after goals from Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. The conceded goal came in injury time from a penalty taken by RĂ³bert Vittek. They advanced to the semifinals with a 2-1 victory over the favoured Brazilians on July 2, 2010. Brazil, who had held a 1-0 lead at the half, was the favourite to win the cup, had never lost in 37 World Cup matches (35-0-2) in which they had held a halftime lead.

Both teams will be preparing for the final run to grab the World Cup, but is it either the Bulls or the Lions will be the most fierce enough to grab the throphy?

But of course I have to support my favourite team...Spain!!

Vamos Espana!!!

Let us see the the FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals, 12 July 2010, 0230 at the Johannesburg - Soccer City Stadium!!

p/s : Will Paul the famous octopus will change the results by lying on any of these two nation's flag?? I don't think so, it is not the one that make the kickoff anyway huhuhu....

Waka Waka ~~

Lost somewhere...and found again

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Nothing lost, just only me.....and
I'm back!! in my blog

3 months away without blogging, it seems that my stories before this have been kept with me alone, rot time after time...hehehe

so, its JULY!! World Cup craze also on the top of the world hehehe....I'm still happy that my team of choice is still on the run, Spain......

by the way, my holidays will end so sad~~
will be going back to the 'beloved' campus in few days time, (chuckles)

owh, u mean, my holidays?? So far, I have been through a lot of memorable events throughout the holidays, May until July (now). My sis' engagement was one of them. So far i know, it was festive season (Gawai) and I can hardly to resist myself enjoying beer with my friends and family (though at the same time I was not able to get drunk hehehehe).

Outings?? YES!! As much with my friends, long time friends (Nick, Pres, Cliff, Brian, Len, Damian, Yun Yun, Gerald, Mang).....we went to the Waterfront (most of the time), eating Kolok Mee at the Open Air stalls, and just strolling around Kuching till the edge of the day heheheh....I do clubbing, but not my choice of hanging out though I went once during the holidays, thanks to Jeyu & friends for that...I went to a lot of places, unfortunately no any DSLR was accompanying me that time....
I do CHANGE in my physical appearance....most of them!! I gain 2kgs in a single month...woooohhhh.... XD

Tennis....hmm, so far I'm so, so active with that during the holidays, thanks to Julian, Juntie Ollivia & friends who shared the passion hehe......

Not to forget WordChillOut and Youth Gatherings by Empowered.....they really freshed my soul up with praises n word of God......

Soon I'll be missing all of these, but let be the priority put into the first page of my diary, STUDY.

Well, UMS....see you very soon!!!