Sarawak under 'attack'!!

Monday, January 12, 2009 - - 2 Comments

Worst flood ever in south Sarawak happened recently..according to The Star, rainfall in Kuching is expected to touch 299mm. At the peak in 2004, the rainfall measured 205mm. It was the highest measurement recorded until it exceeds due to the recent flood. Kpg Suba Buan in Bau has been the worst area affected by the flood. Landslides also occur in certain areas like Jalan Kuching-Sri Aman, Jalan Kuching-Serian and Jalan Bau-Serikin near to west Kalimantan border, leaving the main roads blocked. Air traffic also affected doe to heavy rain where two Malaysia Airlines flights, one each from Kuching and Kuala Lumpur, to Sibu were diverted due to the rains.

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Kasia Kanaun. said...

Ka Londok pun baha'(banjer). Sumarakngi' blogku kalo mao' nanang gambare.

Tarima' kaseh sabap namputn (link) Salako Bato ngan blog nyian.

cSon said...

Thanks 4 the comments

Minta maaf xda gambar dpt disertakan dalam post ini, cuma dapat beberapa maklumat sahaja.

Udah aku nanang gambar banjir d Londok daapm page kita' (Salako Bato). Ana' suah agi' nanang Londok kabanjeratn hahahaha.