The Holy Land Epic

Monday, January 12, 2009 - - 0 Comments

Gaza Strip have been in a chaotic situation recently. A devastating beginning of the new year 2009. The Gaza Holocaust, a massacre between the two popular Israel and Palestine is seen as the world's most condemned siege and a very concerned situation. People around the globe would have been hoping for a peaceful resolution in the region achieved in the beginning of 2009. Unfortunately......

then.... Now, who is wrong??
Israel or Palestine???

Israel have been launching their largest anti-Hamas campaign by the end of 2008. World communities including the United Nations also demands a cease-fire...and still the world appeal completely ignored. UNINTENTIONAL AND REGRETABLE!!

Why does civilians always been the casualties target just because of a nuisance misunderstanding?? What gets me the most is not only that everyone seems to forget that Hamas NOT Israel broke the cease-fire and that whenever Israel goes after Hamas, it goes after the terrorist leaders NOT the civilians. Conversely, Hamas leaders often use women and children as shields and target Israeli civilians. Is this we called as the marvellous 'Art of War'??

But there is one thing need to be concerned, slaughter continues but the world remain silent. The effort of the United Nations to promote peace between the two countries have been a long drought for decades and never come to a resolution. In the end, clashes getting worst and hopeless.

All of us have the right to support the cease-fire. We should not be people who looks out others' mistakes instantly, we should look them as a cause to solve a problem. But it is most important that let it be all of us who supports humanity and promote peace in the world be the instruments to change minds of those who are responsible to this holocaust....and let there be love among every humankind, each of us.

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