In Just One Click...

Monday, June 20, 2011 - - 0 Comments

Until now I don't know how much I give my time for my

Back since November 2009, I unintentionally holding a DSLR camera of a friend of mine during an event and started with a few clicks of photos. I found out that the outcome not just a picture, or an ordinary image. It somehow explains everything what I see through my very own eyes, recorded on a plane of thousands of pixels.

YES!! I get addicted taking photos since the moment then!! Hahaha...I did not hesitate myself taking pictures anytime and anywhere. As long as I have camera (cellphones, compact SLR, DSLR, etc.) I would not hold them for exhibition, I'd love to take at least one shot of moments before my eyes.

Even my passion climaxed when I created a page of my photography in Facebook.

But one thing I know why I can't stop taking photos...I want people to see that there are the goodness of life around them, JUST around them that they might overlooked. Some people don't realize this, but through the pictures, it is hoped that they may open the eyes of those who have not opened yet...Erm, I speak too 'flowery' but I hope that you could understand. Heh, it's like I have my own recipe of taking photos...

How about yours? What is your passion and how do you cherish it?

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