Paku & Belacan??

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Owh well.... NOT THIS ONE!!

This is not 'paku' (nail) but in Sarawakian accent it is called paku' (with a silent 'k' in the end of the word), that means a particular wild vegetables ususally eaten in Sarawak (and Malaysia as well).

Meanwhile, belacan is a shrimp paste that is made of fermented ground shrimp, sun dried and cut into many blocks of paste. It usually used in most Southeast Asian cuisines to give a more spicy taste.

Owh...back to 'Paku & Belacan'. I don't mean the ones I explaied just now...

It is about these two guys, from the United States. Well, are they JUST ordinary Westerners? Paku (left) is from Arizona and Belacan (right) is from Utah. Both of them are 22 y.o.. Both of them have been to Sarawak (specifically in Bintulu) between 2008-2009, serving as volunteers (I'm not sure in what field).
But somehow their errand to Sarawak, caused them able to speak fluent bahasa pasar (informal speech) and a little bit of Iban language. At a point they could crap whatever they like in a successive local loyar buruk (rambling, in other word, talking ridicule)!

But now both of them are in Utah to work and they somehow missed Malaysia, especially Sarawak very much that they expressed their yearning through some videos in Youtube, all of them are in Malay! Well, at least I shared this because I'm proud that somebody that are not from our country are not ashamed to speak Malay in their own country even though it is not their own mother tongue...

One of the I posted below:

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