McD values

Saturday, January 23, 2010 - - 2 Comments


btw it's been a while i'm not blogging, my laptop's just have been sent to Kuching...

motherboard rosak, so dats mean i can't online very often for a month...


owh...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!

nvm, i juz wanna share with you 2day...

do all of you love to dine at McD??

McD could be everyone's favourite (though sum people hates it)

i am the one

i mean, those who love it

i was eating a Big Mac combo lunch at a McD outlet in KK

the outlet was quite packed, with customers

i sat nearby a group of European tourists

they were also enjoying their lunch there

but one thing that amused me was...

after they finished their lunch

they juz picked up the tray, with all the food wrappers from their meal

leaving their seat with those things

and throw them away into the rubbish bin

by themselves

that we locals consider that gesture should be the job for the McD workers

it makes me think

of a good example that we should also practice...anywhere we are....

will you think the same?

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Haelius...Hailey...Hai Li... said...

such a gud example for us malaysian, I guess....hahah~

ini.shaye.yg.chumeyl ^^ said...

hehe..that's their culture..even they practice it here back in their UK,for example. :P (shocked, but interesting :P)-alviana-