PPSMI...Relevant OR Irrelevant Anymore?

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Get bored with Perak's political chaos? Don't worry, Malaysians have another issue to rise up : PPSMI. Recently it has been a very hot issue about the PPSMI module ( Pembelajaran & Pengajaran Sains & Matematik dlm Inggeris ) where it is being questioned, either it is relevant or irrelevant anymore. PPSMI have been a threat to all Malaysian especially the Malays because it may affect the soverignity of the Malay language. Besides that, the Government's decision since the reign of the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad to imply the PPSMI module in Mathematics and Science subjects in local schools is seen to be not successful. Consequently, it arises rage among citizens and recently a fierce demonstration erupted in protest of PPSMI.

Persidangan Meja Bulat PPSMI recently gather to decide the resolutions on this matter. As a result, they have come to a conclusion of 7 choices for the Government to decide as a move for the future of PPSMI.

Actually, the future of PPSMI is very narrow right now. Implementation of PPSMI since 2003 in PMP( Pengajaran & Pembelajaran ) shows bias between rural schools and town schools. According to the President of Students' Council, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Mr. Azrul bin Ibrahim, there is a question about students who came for PPSMI classes ; are they coming to these classes to study Mathematics and Science in English, or just come to these classes just to study English. These actions will reduce the quality of Malaysian education. He also suggests that :

(1) Mathematics & Science will be taught in Malay in primary schools and 2 alternative choices of languages (Malay or English) in secondary schools, meanwhile PPSMI is compulsory in higher education, &

(2) PPSMI only implemented in urban schools, not in rural schools.

Eliminating PPSMI may benefit the education quality, but English should not be put aside from the main focus of National Education Philosophy as the need of English nowdays is very important in order to face the globalisation challenges. Whatever the suggestions are, it is the Education Ministry's and Government's decisions is important for the benefit of the nation and the future of country's education quality.

Comments of Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, CLICK HERE.

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